Hyundai battery price in pakistan

Hyundai Battery Price in Pakistan 14 June 2024

Hyundai is a popular brand worldwide known for its vehicles and heavy machinery. Hyundai Pakistan Hyundai offers Tall Tubular batteries for household solar systems or UPS backup.

It is important to note that Hyundai’s new Tall Tubular batteries (launched in 2023) only come with a 9-month warranty. That’s a downgrade from the previous 1-year coverage.

This is less than the warranty offered by some of the more popular brands such as Osaka, Volta, Exide, Inverex, and Hawk on their Tall Tubular batteries.

If you’re looking for something that can offer longer backup time and much longer battery life then we suggest looking into Lithium-ion batteries from brands like Inverex and Narada.

Note: You can save money while buying a new Hyundai battery by trading in your old one. The discount depends on the older battery condition/capacity and the retailer’s offer.

Hyundai Tubular Battery Price Today 14 June 2024

Hyundai only offers two Tall Tubular battery models in Pakistan. Earlier they were named 12HBT195T(160 AH) & 12HBT265T(225 AH) and came with a 1-year warranty.

ModelPlatesCapacity @ 20Hour
12HBT190T05155 AH3045,500
12HBT260T07220 AH3975,000
  • Good for Solar Systems power backup with deep discharge capability.
  • 2300 Battery Cycle ensuring the battery lasts up to 4 years.
  • Industry-standard safety.
  • Low maintenance (occasional refilling only).
  • Capable of working on high voltages and maintaining longer charge retention.


Where is the nearest Hyundai Battery Dealer?

To find a list of the nearest Hyundai battery dealer click on this link and then type your city name in the search bar.

Are Hyundai Tall Tubular batteries good for solar systems?

Yes, their deep cycle design and high capacity make them ideal for storing solar energy for later use.

Is there any Hyundai battery service near me?

Visit this link and fill out the form and a representative of Hyundai Power will get in touch with you soon.

You can also call Hyundai’s Helpline on the following number: UAN: 042 111 124 433 or fill out the form at their Contact Us page on this link.