Exide battery price in Pakistan

Exide Battery Price in Pakistan 15 June 2024

Looking to get updated with the latest Exide battery price in Pakistan? Exide is one of Pakistan’s most trusted brands for batteries. Their clients include major Pakistani government-run agencies like PTCL, Pakistan Railways, and WAPDA which should give you an idea of their quality and scale. The popular Furukawa Battery (also known as FB Battery) was also acquired by Exide back in 1991.

Exide Battery offers three types of batteries for your solar systems needs starting with the most basic Lead Acid Batteries, Deep Cycle Lead Acid batteries, and Tall Tubular Deep Cycle batteries. These batteries are a great choice whether you’re powering a small off-grid system or a 10KW or above home solar system.

We are listing below all available models of Exide Battery Price in Pakistan, their specifications, and their prices so you can easily select which one to buy for your home or office.

Note: You can save money while buying a new Exide battery by trading in your old one. The discount depends on the older battery condition/capacity and the retailer’s offer.

Exide Tubular Battery Prices in Pakistan 15 June 2024

ModelsCapacity Amepre @20HPlatesWeight KGPrice List
TR 1500145055540,700
TR 18001450556.548,800
TR 2000210076354,900
TR 2500230076663,000
TR 3000250096865,500
TR 35002900973.274,500
  • Exide Tubular batteries are the perfect choice for any household solar system.
  • 6 Months free replacement warranty plus 6 months extra if purchased online from the Exide Pakistan website.
  • Deepest discharge at around 80% depth of discharge.
  • longest backup time due to the larger depth of discharge.
  • Designed specifically to be used for solar purposes.
  • The best option performance-wise for solar from Exide.

Exide Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery Prices 15 June 2024

ModelCapacity Ampere AH @20HPlatesWeight KGPrice List
HP 1501001521.22 28,100
HP 2001301724.5637,800
HP 2301302129.3245,300
HP 2301802535.8854,300
HP 2302002738.858,000

Excide Deep Cycle batteries are specially made for UPS and solar systems, unlike the standard lead-acid batteries which are typically used in cars. They have deeper discharges, and slower discharge rates that provide sustained power over longer periods. They also have more recharge cycles compared to standard batteries and much better life easily lasting over 2 years.

  • 6 Months free replacement warranty.
  • Deeper discharge at around 50% DOD (depth of discharge).
  • Better backup time with a slow discharge rate.
  • Cheaper option compared to Exide Tubular Batteries.
  • Longer battery life compared to Exide N/NS Series.

Exide Lead Acid Battery Prices 15 June 2024

Exide dry lead acid batteries are a fair choice for users looking for something on a budget. They offer good backup time, battery life, price, and warranty and are available in the Exide N and NS series. These batteries are typically used in vehicles but can also be used for Solar although we recommend preferring Exide Deep Cycle series or Tall tubular batteries.

ModelCapacity Ampere AHPlatesWeightPrice List
N 180 Plus1362125KG
N 185 Plus1502728KG
N 190 Plus1452326KG
N 200 Plus1702326.2KG
N 240 Plus1902731KG
N 250 Plus2003138.3KG
N 260 Plus2003339.3KG
  • 6 Months free replacement warranty.
  • Good 1-2 years battery life with proper maintenance.
  • Solid backup power.
  • Great affordable prices.


How to check the Exide Battery manufacturing date?

Exide Batteries have the manufacturing date written on the warranty card and on the top of the battery body. Sometimes the sellers will try to remove the manufacturing date on the box to hide the fact that the battery is older, or to sell old stock at new increased prices.

To decode it you simply need to replace any alphabet with its number equivalent, for example, A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, E=5, F=6, G=7, H=8, I=9, and J=0.

The code on the battery says 20 FC, where 20 is the date, F=6, 6 is the month of manufacturing, and C=3 is the year which is 2023 so the date of manufacturing is June 20, 2023.

Which Exide battery is best?

The best Exide battery in this list would be their tubular batteries, they are built better, last longer, and have much longer backup time due to the superior technology used in them. These batteries would be the best choice if you’re planning to get a Solar System.

Exide Battery Dealers in Pakistan

Visit the Exide Dealers network page at this link, select your city and then you’ll see the nearest dealer to where you live.