SolarMax 5.3KW 100 AH 48V 7000 Cycle Lithium Ion Battery Price in Pakistan



LITHIUM-ION BATTERY  The most advanced Lithium Module For home and industrial energy storage systems. One product is suitable for two applications LV and HV. Fast connections wall-mounted, floor-mounted, Stackable, serial, or parallel application.
High Capacity thanks to expandible and simple configuration. Wireless monitoring for real-time intervention and maintenance.
5-Year Parts/Replacement Warranty & Lifetime Free Service Warranty.

Model SM-DUAL-LFP-5.37K
Battery System Capacity (kWh) 5.37 kWh
Single Module Nominal Voltage (V) 51.2 V
Application Dual Voltage LV/HV
Expandability HV Mode: Max 12 Modules in Series with Single HV Box = One HV Cluster
LV Mode: Max 15 Modules in Parallel without LVHub = One LV Cluster
Cluster Net Capacity 64kwh per HV System / 80kwh per LV System
Cell Capacity (Ah) 105
Usable Capacity (Ah) 100
Dimension (WxDxH mm) 474x170x580
Weight (Kg) 54KG
Charge / Discharge Current (A) 100
DoD% (Up to) 95%
Communication Port RS485, CAN, 232, Wifi
Discharge Temperature /°C** -20 ~ 55
Charge Temperature /°C** 0 ~ 55
Storage Temperature/°C -10 ~ 50
IP Rating IP20
Altitude (m) <3000
Cycle Life >7000 / 25°C
Features Pre-Charge+Fuse LV+ Fuse HV+ Auto Contactor + Dual BMS+ Multi BMS FW management
Compliant with Standards EN IEC 61000 – 6 – 1 : 2019
EN IEC 61000 – 6 – 2 : 2019
EN IEC 61000 – 6 – 3 : 2021
EN IEC 61000 – 6 – 4 : 2019
IEC 62368-1 RoHS Compliant
Applicability for Low Voltage and High Voltage systems, Four protection levels with HV BOX,
real-time balancing, Adaptive charge /discharge CAN logic, 3 steps adaptive charging
logic, 2xDI/DO programmable, Mobile APP for monitoring and remote control,
update, debug, and data save.


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