AGS Battery Price in Pakistan

AGS Battery Price in Pakistan Today 14 June 2024

Are you looking for the latest AGS Solar Battery Prices in Pakistan? – You’ve come to the right place. In this piece, We’ve curated a list of AGS batteries with Type, Models, Plates, Amperes (Ah), and Prices.

We’ve also addressed consumer questions about the AGS Solar battery to help them make better purchase decisions.

Atlas Battery sells a wide range of Lead-acid, Tubular, and Hybrid batteries for vehicles (cars, trucks, motorcycles), machinery (construction, tractors), and even energy storage (solar panels, UPS). AGS products come with a 6-month warranty and comprehensive after-sales services through its largest dealership network across Pakistan.

Note: You can save money while buying a new AGS battery by trading in your old one. The discount depends on the older battery condition/capacity and the retailer’s offer.

AGS Tubular Battery Rates in Pakistan Today 14 June 2024

ModelsPlatesAmpere (Ah)Price List
AGS SP-Tall 12000590 amp37,300
AGS SP-Tall 180007140 amp47,450
AGS SP-Tall 200009180 amp56,330
AGS SP-Tall 250011210 amp65,330
Best Deep Cycle AGS Solar Battery Specifications June 2024

Latest AGS Lead Acid Battery Price in Pakistan Today 14 June 2024

ModelPlatesAmpere (Ah)New Price List
GX 17523140 amp38,458
GX 20027175 amp50,317
GX 260F33175 amp64,241
WS 27033220 amp64,740

Widespread Dealer Network Across the Country

Atlas Battery Pakistan has an extensive dealer network that offers convenient and reliable access to their automotive, motorbike, and energy storage batteries throughout the country. Finding an authorized dealer or an Agency near your location is so easy.

You can visit the Atlas battery official website to check the list of authorized dealers in your city. The company website features a user-friendly Dealer Locator option. Click on the drop-down menu and select your city, like Karachi or Lahore.

The webpage will list all authorized Atlas battery dealers with their business names, addresses, contact persons, and contact numbers. These Atlas battery distributors offer the latest battery models with updated prices at the best rates.

SindhPunjabKPKBaluchistanAzad KashmirFederal Capital
KarachiLahore CanttPeshawarQuettaRawalaKotIslamabad
Tando Allah YarBadami Bagh (Lahore)BattagramGawadar
Nawab ShahFaisalabadHaripurZhob
MithiMultanLakki MarwatYazman
OkaraD.I Khan
AGS Battery Price in Pakistan daily updated 14 June 2024

Atlas Group’s head Office is located in Karachi Pakistan UAN: 111-247-225.

Phoenix VS AGS

Phoenix batteries recently emerged as a tough competitor to AGS. The wide product range covers all areas like autos, Solar, UPS, and Tubular. Phoenix batteries are good in quality and offer the same 6-month warranty. If you’re not brand conscience you should try Phoenix’s with the same quality at price.

Excide VS AGS

Excide battery is also a popular brand making a wide range of batteries at low prices compared with AGS.


How do you check the AGS battery manufacturing date?

Reading AGS battery manufacturing code is a bit tricky at first. You can check the manufacturing date on the battery box and warranty card you get from the dealer.

How to check AGS Battery Manufacturing date from Box

I just cropped the image to show you how to read the code date from the AGS battery box. It shows 17.08.31, 17 is a date, 08 is a month, and 3 shows the year 2023. So, the manufacturing date of this battery is 17 August 2023.

Check Manufacturing code from Warranty card- AGS Battery

Similarly, you can read it from AGS battery warranty card 170823610186. 17-08-23 states the date, month, and year respectively. This code helps you to determine the exact date of manufacturing, ensuring you can always purchase a fresh stock.

Best AGS Battery for UPS

It solely depends upon your budget and the backup time you need. I always purchase AGS batteries with a maximum number of plates and amperes available for home UPS.

AGS Tall tubular batteries should be your first choice because they need low maintenance compared to lead acid. Additionally, Tall Tubular has a long battery backup and it lasts longer than its counterparts. The average Tall Tubular battery lasts for 4 years.

How do you check AGS battery health with the Magic Eye Charge Indicator?

Check AGS Battery health with Magic eye indicator

Magic eye indicator helps you to check Ags battery health. Once the battery is fully charged the circle automatically turns blue. The second icon indicates that the battery needs charging, and the outer circle turns white. The last option shows low water/tonic levels, the outer edges of the circle turned out to be redβ€”all you need to add is battery acid to gain minimum water levels.

How to apply AGS battery terminal grease?

First clean battery terminals, next apply a thin coat of grease and reconnect tightly. Wait for the grease to dry before starting your vehicle.

Is the AGS battery good?

Yes, AGS battery works well and it is a trusted brand in Pakistan. When it comes to battery selection, customers prefer AGS batteries for their long life, reliability, and vast dealer network.

AGS offers dry and lead acid batteries for CD 70, CG125 bikes, Mehran, Honda, and Toyota or you can use it as energy storage for your home or business.

How to use AGS Battery Installation Kit?

Battery installation kit helps to prevent terminal corrosion, extends battery life, and eases future disassembly. Click here To watch how to use the battery installation kit.

How to apply AGS battery terminal protector?

Clean terminals, install protector (washers/boots) & reattach cables, ensuring tight connections.