Jinko Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

Jinko Solar Panel Price In Pakistan 14 June 2024

Pakistan’s scorching sun makes getting a Solar System a great option in Pakistan for people looking to reduce their electricity bills. When it comes to selecting a good brand of solar panels, Jinko Solar is a Tier 1 solar panel brand that constantly ranks high in quality, reliability, and affordability. Interested in finding out the Jinko Solar panel price in Pakistan? Keep reading below then.

Jinko Solar is a global leader in solar energy and currently, the world’s largest solar panel manufacturer. They offer four different solar panel series known for their reliability and build quality. The Cheetah Series, Tiger Series, Tiger Pro Series, and their latest Tiger Neo Series. The efficiency of these series starts from 20.45% for the Cheetah Series up to 22.3% for the Tiger Neo Series.

The Cheetah series are compact, budget-friendly, P-type monofacial panels. Whereas, the Tiger Neo are high-performance N-type bifacial/monofacial solar panels with longer warranty periods. Product Warranty periods range from 12 to 15 years and Power Warranty periods are either 25 or 30 years similar to Longi Solar Panels.

Jinko Solar’s main focus is on research and development, performance testing, quality control, and rigorous durability testing. The panels are durable enough to easily survive harsh weather like high temperatures and the occasional hailstorms, duststorms, etc.

Jinko Solar Panel Price In Pakistan 14 June 2024

Panel / ModulePrice Per WattPanel PriceStatus
Jinko N-Type 580 Watt Mono Single Glass A Grade Documented 3721,460 PKRIn stock
Jinko N-Type 580 Watt Bi-Facial Double Glass A Grade Documented Tier 14123,780 PKRIn stock
Jinko P-Type 560 Watt A Grade Tier 13620,440 PKRIn stock
Jinko P-Type 555 Watt P Type Monofacial A Grade Tier 136.5020,257 PKRIn stock
Jinko P-Type 540 Watt Bi-facial A Grade Tier 14424,840 PKRIn stock

Why Choose Jinko Solar Panels?

  • High Module/Panel Efficiency ranges from 20.45% to 22.30%, which is greater than the majority of panels available in the Pakistani market.
  • Low rate of Light Induced Degradation (LID) at 0.4% per year on their N-Type Solar Panels (All Tiger Series).
  • High-quality materials and rigorous testing ensure the panel performs optimally for decades.
  • Affordable compared to the rest of the high-end brands without sacrificing quality or performance.
  • Long 12-15 years product warranty and 25-30 years on power warranty.

Jinko Tiger Neo Series