AGS SP Tall 2500 210 AH Tubular Battery Price in Pakistan



  • Made for Solar & UPS.
  • Low Maintenance compared to standard lead acid batteries.
  • Reliable and long-lasting performance.
  • High Depth of Discharge capability.
  • Less energy loss during the charging and discharging cycle.
  • Perform well in hot environments.
  • 210 Ampere capacity.
Battery Type iT500
Plate Qty. / Cell 11PL
Capacity @ 5 hrs. (AH) 168
Capacity @ 20 hrs. (AH) 210
Terminal Type L2 Type
Battery Length 505 (+0/-5)
Battery Width 192 (+0/-3)
Container Height (H) 393 (+0/-4)
Overall Height (max.) 425
Terminal Layout R
Filled Battery Weight (Kg)


The AGS SP-Tall 2500 is a top-of-the-line, full-size tubular battery offered by Atlas Battery Group. With 11 plates and a 210Ah capacity, it’s an excellent choice for solar and UPS. Unlike standard lead acid batteries, Tubular batteries have improved performance and long lifespan making them a good choice for Solar setups.

Should I Buy a AGS 2500 Tubular Battery for Solar Setup?

Yes, we recommend buying Tubular Batteries for energy storage. The AGS 2500 is a high-quality deep-cycle lead-acid battery that offers several advantages over normal lead-acid batteries. They offer long backup time, high depth of discharge (dod), low maintenance, improved technology, long life span, and an extended warranty period.

If you’re looking for a battery upgrade, or buying a new one, AGS 2500 tubular battery is worth investing in. In this piece, we help you to choose the best tubular battery for your solar project. Tubular batteries offer 1250 life cycles which is 3 times more than lead acid batteries. They are built for frequent deep discharge cycles. It is important to note that high charge and discharge cycles will decrease the battery age and backup time.Β  For households with 6KW or less hybrid or Offgrid solar installations, tubular batteries offer a cost-effective solution compared with Lithium batteries.


The AGS 2500 210 ampere battery comes with a 12-month warranty. The warranty on the battery is subject to some conditions. You can read all the terms & conditions on the Warranty card provided by the battery manufacturer. It is advised to use AGS tubular battery with a Solar system or inverter. Routine maintenance includes checking a level indicator and using battery acid or distilled water. You can read the manual for battery bulk charging voltage and set up your Solar or inverter settings to avoid overcharging.


At time of writing AGS 2500 is available for purchase in Pakistan for Rs 64000. The AGS SP 2500 210 amp is the most convenient battery at a competitive price with better solar and UPS performance solutions.

Where to Buy:

AGS offers a widespread authorized dealer network across cities in Pakistan. In addition, you can also buy it online from us, All you need to do is to call or leave a message on our number to confirm product availability.