OSAKA TA 3000 Tubular Deep Cycle Battery Price in Pakistan



  • Tubular Positive Plates & Thick Negative Plates are used for giving longer life to the Batteries
  • Good electrical performance due to low electrical resistance PE separators and prevents oxidation
  • Large head room provided for high acid for longer life
  • Float Indicators are fitted to determine the level of electrolyte and ensure that the volume of Electrolyte does not fall below the “Red Line” marked on the floater
  • Designed to have life of over 1250 cycles at 80 % DOD

Product Application

  • Solar applications where 5000 Cycles at 20 % DOD
  • Telecom Power Supply
  • UPS / Inverter System
  • Solar and Wind Energy Storage
  • Frequent Power Shutdown
 Battery Type TA 3000
Plate Qty. / Cell 09PL
Capacity @ 5 hrs. (AH) 168
Capacity @ 20 hrs. (AH) 260
Terminal Type L2 Type
Nominal Voltage 12V
 Battery Length 502
Battery Width 190
Container Height (H) 373
Overall Height (max.) 425
Terminal Layout R
Filled Battery Weight (Kg) 72.7