Force battery Price in Pakistan

Force Battery Price In Pakistan 14 June 2024

Force Batteries, another local manufacturer based in Rawalpindi, produces lead-acid and deep-cycle lead-acid batteries for energy storage.

While traditional lead-acid and deep-cycle lead-acid batteries are compatible with solar systems, we recommend investing in Tall tubular or lithium-ion batteries from a reputable brand for residential or commercial solar installation. Force Batteries offers a 6-month warranty on all their battery series.

Force Lead Acid Battery Price in Pakistan Today 14 June 2024

ModelPlateCapacity Ampere @20HPrice List
FR 19021190 34,000
FR 1952319535,000
FR 2202322041,000
FR 2402524042,000
  • Standard 1-year battery life can be extended under proper temperature and maintenance.
  • Small solar projects that do not require too much backup time.
  • Standard 300-350 battery cycles.
  • Good for UPS Systems but can be utilized with Solar Systems also.

Force Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery Price in Pakistan Today 14 June 2024

They also offer Deep Cycle batteries in its Force Thunder Series, here’s the complete price list of Force deep cycle acid batteries.

ModelPlatesPrice List
JF 15501936,000
JF 17502145,000
JF 21502347,000
  • 1250 battery charge/discharge cycles.
  • Battery life is around 2 years with proper maintenance.
  • Good for up to 3KW solar systems.
  • Works great with UPS systems also.
  • Requires less frequent battery water checking and refilling.


Where are Force Batteries manufactured?

Force Batteries are manufactured in Rawat, Rawalpindi.

What is the Force Battery Website?

You can visit the Force Batteries website by following this link. They have plenty of information on their website including a Contact Us that you can use to get in touch with them.

You can also find a Dealers page so you can find out the closest shop where you can buy their batteries.