Hawk Battery Price in Pakistan

Hawk Battery Price in Pakistan Today 14 June 2024

Are you looking for the latest prices of Hawk Solar Battery in Pakistan? Hawk Batteries belongs to the Rainbow Hi-Tech Engineering Pvt Ltd group which is also the owner of Bridge Power and 4G Batteries. While Bridge Power and 4G Batteries create more conventional batteries like Lead Acid batteries, Hawk Batteries only develops advanced dry-charged, tubular, and maintenance-free batteries which are perfect for Solar Systems and heavy vehicles.

Hawk offers a 1-year warranty on all of their Tall Tubular Batteries similar to what Phoenix Volta and Osaka offer. If you are in the market for a battery for your solar system whether it is 3KW, 5KW, 10KW, or more, these batteries are a great choice for any of these setups. If you want to go a step above and get the best possible battery then we suggest selecting a good Lithium-ion battery.

Note: You can save money while buying a new Hawk battery by trading in your old one. The discount depends on the older battery condition/capacity and the retailer’s offer.

Hawk Tall Tubular Deep Cycle Battery Price List Today 14 June 2024

Ampere @20H
Price List
Buy Now
Hawk HT 180005180 AH47,000Shop Now
Hawk HT 250007230 AH60,500Shop Now
Hawk HT 350009300 AH75,000Shop Now
  • Deep Discharge Cycle 80% depth of discharge ensuring greater backup time.
  • 2500 charge/discharge cycles give these batteries a long life. The company claims it can go up to 7 years compared to 300 cycles in conventional batteries.
  • 1-year free replacement warranty.
  • Low Maintenance, these batteries only require checking and filling electrolytes but less frequently compared to normal lead acid batteries.


What is the Hawk Batteries official website?

You can visit the Hawk Batteries official website by following this link. To see their Facebook page click on this link.

What is the Hawk Batteries Helpline/Contact Number?

You can get in touch with Hawk Batteries via their helping numbers at:
+92-223870212, +92-223870454-58

How to check Hawk Tubular Battery Water Level?

Checking the water level of a tubular battery is simple, you just take a look at the floaters attached to the top of the battery and they will indicate if the battery electrolyte is low. In that case, you can fill it up again.

Note: The floaters you attach while installing the battery will start to malfunction or work inaccurately after a while, in that case unscrew these floats and take a look inside the battery yourself.